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LifeHouse Emergency Shelter & Transitional Housing for Women & Children

The Boys and Girls Club welcome you to LifeHouse , the Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing being planned for Summerside. The facility will be developed and operated by the Board of Directors for The Summerside Boys and Girls Club under the capable leadership of their Executive Director, Adam Binkley. In addition, The Executive Director will be supported throughout the development and ultimate operation of the facility by the established LifeHouse  Advisory Committee, a community group of volunteers committed to ensuring that the much-needed service is established in our city.

LifeHouse  will be established in support of phase two of the Strenthening Families Program (SFP) offered by the Club. The Strengthening Families Program is a program for the families in the community that have youth ages 12-17 that may be struggling with substance abuse, parent/teen conflict, chronic truancy, delinquency, aggression towards other and/or self harm. The program consists of interactive skills building in the areas of relationship building, parenting, communication, problem solving, anger management, and other areas of family functioning. Women and children accessing services through the transitional housing will have access to the supports of this program in addition to other programs offered by the Club. Our Strengthening Families Program is currently ranked #1 in Canada by Public Safety Canada.

The facility will operate as a 24/7 facility for women and children primarily from Summerside and the greater Prince County. It will be positioned to provide emergency shelter in addition to long term transitional housing for women and children requiring support. Services and supports will be focused on determining the needs of shelter residents through implementation of a case management model aimed at identifying and securing a range of wrap around services to address the unique needs of each individual. In addition, LifeHouse will reach out to collaborate and develop partnerships with existing community programs  to secure outreach services already established with a proven track record, thus avoiding duplication.



LifeHouse Shelter for women and children promotes the following values